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Brenda Carey

Executive Director,  Clinician, Consultant, Crisis Responder, Credentialed Supervisor

Virtual and Telephonic Therapy 
(910) 520-4393 (24/7)

Teens & Pre-teens

If your child is struggling at home, school, with friends, at home?  

At this stage, many teenagers need help navigating  all that goes on inside as they transition and work through the significantly difficult developmental years before entering adulthood.

Reach out to Carey Counseling and we will help your family navigate through. Whether it's one on one, parent meetings or family meetings, we will find the most comfortable way to help.

Things you might wonder about:

  • Initial phone consultation or parent meeting will dictate what type of format would be most helpful in each situation.
  • Not all concerns are suited to virtual or telephonic formats. We will insure we accept or refer your child/teen to the most helpful setting to nurture all opportunities for positive change.
  • Is your child/teen being picked on and/or need help coping.?
  • Does he/she feel  self worth? Need to focus on advocating for him/herself?
  • Is your child/teen experiencing any change in behaviors, abrupt or long term? Some examples may include changes in sleep patterns, eating patterns, grade changes, difficulty making friends... any change observed by parents that may indicate your child is struggling with something  shared with you - or not?
  • Does your child/teen seem depressed? Is he/she cutting?
  • Are you noticing long term anxiety or recently increased anxiety?
  • Is he/she having more difficulty than usual with relationships?

This is a very difficult time in young teens/teens lives as they try to figure out where they belong, what they want, how they fit into this world. If you do not see progress re: your concerns or see shifts in behavior, observe your child feeling low, please call or fill out our form. We are here for you and it may be one phone conversation with a few ideas or meetings/ referrals. This time is too important to see if it just works itself out.