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Brenda Carey MS MS LPCS



Brenda Carey MS MS LPCS NCC, founder, owner, exec director, operations,clinician, credentialed supervisor - specializing in telephonic and virtual options, crisis response, consulting to mental health and medical facilities.

Hi. I'm Brenda Carey.  I've been in the counseling vocation for 20 years. I've had the opportunity to work with so many people from all walks of life . I've worked with individuals, couples, groups, families, corporations and in various capacities.

Initially, I worked  and trained in programs in Boston as program directors, supervisors, in operations, the cinical role, training and presenting. When I moved to NC, my focus became private practice and teaching in higher education. This also provided many training and presenting opportunities.

I've worked on military installations, in many types of crisis management situations,  with companies and employees who need help with work/life balance concerns, critical incidents, layoffs, most any topic.  Clients, students, and corporate clients come to me. We discuss concerns, goals, needs, issues and I  provide  the support required. In hindsight, my work has provided me many great and purposeful opportunities and experiences.

Counselors tend to put themselves into categories. What type of clinician are you? What are your specialties or areas of expertise? I find these questions a bit limiting, but since you don't know me, I'll try to respond - only if you promise not to limit me. Deal? 

My thinking and practice falls into a few areas. This puts me into a category considered eclectic - in the vocation. I see every person and situation as unique. Therefore, the way we proceed or look at your concerns will be unique and specific to your situation. Various schools of thought and techniques are considered dependant upon your goals/needs.

I care about the things you are dealing with and will try to help in any way possible.  If I were prompted to make a list, it might include: adjustment issues (life's issues), working with military, couples , LGBTQ+ , eating disorders, and  those age 15 and above (with some exception).

LPCAs requiring credentialed supervision in NC or authorized by your state board, I truly enjoy working with those beginning in the field. Contact me for more information! 

One strong belief remains: the therapist you work with, you should feel comfortable with.

I mentioned teaching. I've worked in higher ed for as long as I've been in counseling.  I have an MS in Counseling Psychology and an MS in Business.

What's left? Oh yes, my personal life. Well, I work and am a mom. I hope to expand this list someday. But for now, I love my work and adore every moment I have with my children.

Thanks for stopping by.